Do you have a waiting room, reception or counter..... use AdTabz to display products and services to a captive audience.

AdTabz is completely customisable. Use you own images of products or services to create tailored adverts for your business.
Product details can be added to each image together with a scrolling message.

Great way of showing limited offers, deal of the week etc.
Enable the Auto start feature to make AdTabz start automatically when turning on your Tablet.

Interactive mode allows customers to manually scroll through your product range and if there is no interaction the app will cycle products again.

The app is password protected so no alterations or settings can be changed by your customers.

No ongoing costs. You decide what products to display.

With tablets prices in free-fall the possibilities are endless.

Ideal for small businesses, cost effective, efficient and reliable.

You can download (basic) for free by clicking 

For unlimted Pro

To install:

Enable “Unknown Sources ” on Android.
  • To install the APK, navigate to the directory where you have copied or downloaded your APK file. Mostly, it’s stored in the “Downloads” folder on your Android device. Once in the directory, tap the APK icon and an installation dialogue box will pop-up. Hit the install button to install the APK on your Android.